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Below terms are applicable on all projects handled by Mr.HiTech Team:

• Quotation are valid for 7 days from date of issue.
• The payment of Projects below 50,000.00 INR must be paid first in order to execute the project.
• Mr.HiTech Team can only entertain written communications via email on our official email address's only. No other modes will be entertained i.e., phone call or text messages via phone, whatsapp, etc.
• An 50% initial/ advance amount is required in order to start a project. This amount carry domain registration, hosting/server fees (if any), web designing and development fees, processing fee, etc. and are non-refundable.
• Maximum 2 web-design are offered to clients (i.e., Web/ Graphic Designing). Client have to choose one design that suits their business needs. Each Website / App / Software Development Project offers 2 revisions. Extra web page and revision(s) are chargeable & will be added to the generated invoice.
• The payment can also be made through installment but client are solely responsible for making full payment as per given date.
• If client failed to make full payment as per given date, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to take applicable legal actions against customers.
• The customers are solely responsible to make late fee charges (generally 10% per month of total project cost), if they failed to make payment as per last given/signed/agreement date.
• In case of payment failure / overdue, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to suspend/ cancel any product/service(s) of their customers under Client Area.
• In case of payment failure / payment overdue, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to un-provide & de-activate any promotional product/service(s) [i.e. seo, backup, payment gateway and etc. services] offered to the client.
• Mr.HiTech developers endeavours to create pages that are search friendly, however, Developer gives no guarantee that the site will become listed with Search Engine or of certain search result.
• Promotional offers also contains validity. Post expiry the client must pay for it as per there renewal charges. Failure on payments leads to product/service(s) suspension.
• Promotional offers are provided time to time and are limited, so Mr.HiTech Team reserves the right to un-provide it to there customers if promotion are expired.
• The extra services offered to customers are promotional things and its output cannot be guaranteed.
• Any promotional offers which are held and non served to customers due to non-payment / payment-overdue can be provided if client pay full payment as per generated invoice (if promo not expired).
• The quotation given by Mr.HiTech Team is just an estimated cost of project/ work. But actual cost may be vary if customer can demanding extra things [i.e., add-on, product/service(s)], feature integrations and other updation.
• Mr.HiTech builds website/application/software(s) exactly same as client requirement which discussed in the meeting before project execution and it will be completed as per the given timeframe. The same has been clearly written in project quotation/ proposal offered to Client that how Mr.HiTech Team build and implement the features in the project.
• With above point, Mr.HiTech will completed the work within particular timeframe. Except Major Indian Holidays ; Also refer our regular working days and time schedule on our official website under Contact Us page.
• With above points, Mr.HiTech will completed the project within particular timeframe. However, if client can request any change/ updation/ feature integration/ modification(s) on the project so obviously it will increase the project completion date. And the charges of any extra revisions will be added to the project invoice. So the project overall cost will get some hikes.
• With above points, "", sometimes Client can continously request frequent changes which is sometimes impossible to serve. In that cases, Mr.HiTech can sent client an notice that "We have already completed the project as mentioned in the Quotation or Proposal" and can close the project. Client can request its source code only after they have NO Dues. This helps Client to continue their work from hiring other I.T. Companies which probably makes it possible.
• With above points, "", any new updation lead us to re-write the entire code on the project, so sometimes, bugs will be appeared and it may takes couple of weeks or months for the fixing. However, with continous changes on the project we can't guarantee when the project will be completed.
• If any client demands extra work / updation / revisions / add-ons / meetings on/for their website project. So Mr.HiTech Billing Department will add charges to the client. And this charges may be vary from the project cost and the amount which is mentioned in agreement. The client must be agreed to pay that charges in order to get proper rights of their project / or to make their project live. In case, if client disagree to pay that charges, Mr.HiTech billing team reserves the right to terminate their project and suspend all product/ service(s), by sending a notice to the concerned client via email. In such cases, all payments made earlier to the Mr.HiTech will not be refunded back to the client.
• Mr.HiTech will charge a nominal fees to there customer/client(s) after 2 meetings. The charges may be between 500INR to 1500INR for local customers, and 2500INR to 10,000INR for outstation customers.
• In all projects we'll set a dead line in which our developers completes that project. However, in some cases, from client-end some delayed occured i.e., client doesn't able to provide contents in a particular timeframe, or demanding extra revision/ updation or changes, etc. In that cases, we hold that project for a few days. If client fails to provide us the required content in a particular time frame. So Mr.HiTech Team reserved the right to cancel that project. We'll sent a notice via email for the same to the concerned client.
• Any project which is delayed due to client-end, in that cases, we'll marked their project on hold for few days and assign new projects to our team. The pending project will be re-assign to our team only if our developers has free slots. In that cases, the client must agreed to put their project status on hold.
• Any project which is delayed due to client-end -> not entertain / not providing required data or information to Mr.HiTech Team, in that case Mr.HiTech reserves the right to terminate that project without providing refund to the concerned client. If client want to restart the project from last terminated work, then client must have to pay again full project cost mentioned in the invoice.
• All project source codes will be provided to Client only, if it is separately mentioned in the Agreement. But that source codes are encrypted based on IonCube, ZendGuard, SourceGuardian or any other encryption technology.
• All software/ application and their codes are listed for sell on our website/app are based on unique license for each and every client. This license can be issue based on Domain Name or Server IP Address.
• With above point, all this codes are encrypted and issued to client based on license terms, only after payment confirmation.
• Also, payment has No Overdues. Code will be released only after Billing/Account Dept. clearance.
• Decrypted source code will be provided to Client only, if it is separately mentioned in the agreement and invoice. Decrypted source codes are chargeable and its cost are separately mentioned in the Invoice excluded from project cost.
• We encrypt source codes to protect our genuine works from piracy and duplicacy. Therefore, it must be purchased separately by client and please note that this also must be written in Agreement and Invoice that Client bought "Decoded Full Source Code/ Open Source Code". Else client can not be entertained.
• Unauthorized use/ modification/ tempering/ decoding/ reselling of any codes (any format i.e., byte code, encrypted or decrypted) developed by Mr.HiTech / Mr.HiTech Web Solutions may leads client to legal penalties.
• All codes will be provided to Client on License Basis and having Validity. Generally, all our Software/ Apps having Licenses and are Valid for 1 Domain Name and having 1 year Validity / or lifetime validity (lifetime validity needs to be separately mentioned in the agreement or invoice). i.e, License Basis: Domain Or IP / Validity: 1 year or so on..
• Client can renew the validity/ or request for change of domain name or IP on which code license is issued by paying fees to the Mr.HiTech Team.
• All SaaS Application (Software which is provided to Client on Rental Basis) doesn't comes with Source Code, Hosting Setup, etc. For buying the same then Client must have to bought software source code, server, domain, etc for further usages.
• Mr.HiTech didn't guarantee delivery of 100% features that is mentioned in project proposal offered to client, if project has discounted to client from actual project cost or bargained.
• Android/ iOS Apps (WebView/Hybrid applications) doesn't comes with android source code. Client will only get APK file with the release version so that client can publish the app to their playstore account.
• With above points, "", such apps doesn't cover any guarantee (i.e., in how many devices, os platform, api level, etc. it will works or support) since this is a part of add-on services.
• With above points, "", such apps build only once with very basic functionalities and Mr.HiTech doesn't guarantee of its feature, function(s) and also doesn't provide any support, future/ new app releases, etc. for the same.
• Android/ iOS Apps: Mr.HiTech will charge Client for publishing the app to its/ or Client's PlayStore/App Store. This charges includes Mr.HiTech Support Charges and Publishing Fees as per the PlayStore/App Store pricing.
• Mr.HiTech add backlink's to our official website in the website/app on all of our projects in the form of, Designed & Developed Or Powered By Mr.HiTech. This gives our Clients to avail free additional benefits of basic updation services during the active service periods. This changes will be limited to a cost of 1K INR (max. 2 changes) between active billing cycle, further this mentioned cost the charges will be shared to client and added to the client invoice. In case Client required to remove this links so that we need a written email from client end which instruct us to not using backlinks on their project website/app. However, in that case client must have to purchase AMC for their project else they will be charged for any changes required by them. For AMC pricings and features list, please refer the quotation/ proposal you received from Mr.HiTech Sales Team.
• Mr.HiTech provide FREE Technical Support, Bug Fixing Assistance, etc., during Active AMC Plan of Client, afterwhich or without any active AMC Plan any kind of support are chargeable at hourly rates. Please note that all services offered by Mr.HiTech will contains Basic Support and such support will be provided on Tickets or Emails. If necessary, our technical team will provide Remote Desktop Support via AnyDesk to the end client. RDS support will be given to client if the concerned team having free available slots. For priority support the client must switch to Paid AMC Plan (Standard Plan with Dedicated Support) that contains Dedicated Team Member for priority resolution of client queries. We have created different plans for every kind of IT Services, just request us for the Paid AMC Plan and our sales team will guide you further on the same.
• Mr.HiTech offers best costing for feature addition or updation on active code, etc. on any ongoing projects, if client having Active AMC Plans. Please note, without AMC Plan, Features Addition/ Updation on any active code is chargeable without any discount.
• Mr.HiTech also offers FREE AMC for all projects, and please note AMC Plans started from the date when project move to live mode (demo or live server), this duration is available on Quotation/ Proposal. We strongly recommend every client to buy AMC Service as per their requirements. Plans is available in the quotation/ proposal.
• Mr.HiTech build website/app that run perfectly on any web server. Although, this code run perfectly on Mr.HiTech Servers because it supports necessary environment, but we didn't guarantee if Client are unable to run the same on 3rd party hosting/server service provider.
• Mr.HiTech will provide full support to the client if the code having execution issue on Mr.HiTech Server's. Also, Client must required an Active AMC Plan to get support from Mr.HiTech related to 3rd party hosting/server service provider.
• Mr.HiTech build and develop Website/Application/Software on different technologies. Fore example, a website/ cloud app/ cloud software will develop using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, & jQuery. But client require additional technology integration (i.e., AngularJS, Ajax, etc.) in any of their project so they will be charged for additional things. And this cost will added on ongoing project invoice.
• Mr.HiTech can upload all data to Hosting/ Server after project completion /or handover the same to Client as per Agreement/ToS, afterwhich Mr.Hitech takes No Responsibility of maintaining Project Code. Client are solely reponsible for any data loss or damage.
• Mr.HiTech reserves the right to Modify any Invoice and add charges for any extra service that client availed.
• Mr.HiTech will not take any guarantee for Backup Services ; security and vulnerablility issues on code, if client host contents on any 3rd party Hosting/ Server service provider.
• Mr.HiTech can cancel/ terminate any ongoing project/ AMC / Monthly Maintenance Plans by giving appropriate reason to the client. In that case, Mr.HiTech Team can offers best opportunity to end client to migrate their project to our Preferred I.T. Partners or provide source code to end client (if client has no overdues based on project milestone; if client has bought full decoded source code else encrypted code will be issued for their further usages.)
• With above points, if client wants to switch their work to our preferred partner then they need to first buy their AMC/ Maintenance Plan.
• With above points, client can also take their decoded full source code based on offered pricing and take away their project to hire another IT Company/ Developers.
• With above points, if project code having bugs or incompleted work than Mr.HiTech Team can try to reduce the estimated cost based on work (On overall offered pricing).
• Mr.HiTech Team will also deals in lower cost projects by offering client an encrypted based (licensed) software solutions. This cost will be 50-70% lower than decoded source code based projects. This helps client to start their work initially in software industry and later can buy decoded source code anytime by paying actual invested cost (if required by client). However, client can request their encrypted codes anytime for backup purpose or to host it anywhere (if no dues).
• For Development Projects having encrypted source codes based on license: The cost of decoded codes will be calculated based on Total Amount Expensed by Client on their Project. Example: If client has total expenditure of Rs.50,000/- on any license based code project. In that case, client needs to pay additionally same amount to Mr.HiTech to buy decoded source code.
• For SaaS/ Rented Based Cloud Solutions: No Decoded Codes will be offered to client for any rental purchase. Client can avail such solution by paying a rental fees (This codes will be hosted on Mr.HiTech Servers and client can use it as per their plan limits and billing cycle).
• However, client can also buy encrypted codes based on license to host it somewhere else. This cost will be offered by Mr.HiTech based on client query and requires a bigger budget.
• Any projects which having settled payment rather than actual project cost, then in that case Mr.HiTech will not deliver any proposed or offered features under the ongoing project; product/ service(s).
• With above points, "", client can settle payment for any one project in the lifetime. Settled term means "defaulter", any client who are not making payments/ actual payment/ or having long dues / or bargain for billed cost after project completion.
• With above points, "", in that case Mr.HiTech deny to provide any source code, add-on(s), bundled things, etc. to client. This also leads client support priority to very low i.e, client queries may not be entertained in any manner.
• With above points, "", in such cases, Mr.HiTech left the work as it is and may doesn't complete the project i.e., an incomplete project. The client can only able to use software/ app which part is already completed.
• With above points, "", settlement is the option for defaulter clients to make things running for particular time/ duration only.
• With above points, "", if client can demand settlement everytime then this will damage client reputation and Mr.HiTech will also blacklist such customer(s). Such customers are also not entertained in either email/ or phone calls/ ticket system etc. And also their accounts and relevant product/ service(s) will be permanently locked/ terminated.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer on any Web Packages.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer who have payment overdues or paid payment in installments.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided, if customer cancelled the project after their project gets live/online either on Demo or Active Server.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customers whose project will crossed the project deadline. This will be mostly happens by client-end, because they will failed to provide us the contents in a particular time frame. Or sometime they demands extra work/updation/revision(s), in that cases too the project will crossed it project completion date.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer if they cancelled any project which is under development. Whatever they had reasons, the client are solely responsible for all of their loses.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided if customer get product/service(s) in discounted price. Or if paid payment is less than amount which is mentioned in invoice.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer on sell of any readymade available software/ website / application. Beacause we have already provided the Demo to client at no cost to check whether it fits their requirement or not.
• All Customer/Client(s) must be agreed to this Terms and Conditions before signing up to any of our Product and Services under Mr.HiTech Client Account. This terms can be found at the time of Registration with Mr.HiTech Client Account and can be captured in digital form using Client IP address, Or refer quotation/ proposal file footer section where the hyperlinks of ToS pages is clearly mentioned.
• Other services i.e., Hosting, Servers, Domain Names, IP Usages, Digital SSL Certificates, etc. terms can be found at TOS page.
• The client must agreed to all the Terms, Conditions and Policies of the firm Mr. HiTech and Mr.HiTech Web Solutions before taking any product and service(s). Afterwhich, queries on ToS will not be entertained in any manner.
• Please note that this ToS page is also included in the Signed Agreement (if any), or refer end part of the Agreement and Quotation. Client are responsible to explore this links and can understand and agreed this ToS, and must raised any query on the ToS before taking any product/ service(s). However, this ToS is the general Terms of Services offered to Client, no matter whether the agreement is signed or not.
• Subject to Indore (M.P.) jurisdiction only.


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