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Below terms are applicable on all projects handled by Mr.HiTech Team:

• Quotation are valid for 7 days from date of issue.
• The payment of Projects below 50,000.00INR must be paid first in order to execute the project.
• An 50-60% initial/token amount is required in order to start a project. This amount carry domain registration, hosting fees (if any), web designing fees, processing fee, etc. and are non-refundable.
• Maximum 2 web-design are offered to clients. Client have to choose one design that suits their business needs. Each website / software developement project has only 2 revisions. Extra web page designing, and revisions are chargeable & will be added to the generated Invoice.
• The payment can also be made through installment but client are solely responsible for making full payment as per given date.
• If client failed to make full payment as per given date, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to take applicable legal actions against customers.
• The customers are solely responsible to make late fee charges (generally 10% per month of total project cost), if they failed to make payment as per last given/signed/agreement date.
• In case of payment failure / payment overdue, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to suspend/cancelled any product/service(s) of their customers under Client Area.
• In case of payment failure / payment overdue, Mr.HiTech reserves the right to un-provide & de-activate any promotional product/service(s) [i.e. seo, backup, payment gateway and etc. services] offered to them.
• Mr.HiTech developers endeavours to create pages that are search friendly, however, Developer gives no guarantee that the site will become listed with Search Engine or of certain search result.
• Promotional offers also contains validity. Post expiry the client must pay for it as per there renewal fees. Failure for payment leads to service suspension.
• Promotional offers are provided time to time and are limited, so Mr.HiTech team reserves the right to un-provide it to there customers if promotion are expired.
• The extra services offered to customers are promotional things and its output cannot be guaranteed.
• Any promotional offers which are held and non served to customers due to non-payment / payment-overdue, can be provided only, if customer pay full payment as per generated invoice & on allowance of Mr.HiTech higher authority / senior team members.
• The quotation given by Mr.HiTech team is just an estimated cost of project provided on the meeting. The cost may be vary if customer can demanding extra things [i.e., product/service(s)], work and updations.
• If any client demands extra work / updation / revisions / add-ons / meetings on/for their website project. So Mr.HiTech billing team will add charges to the customer/client invoice. This charges may be vary from the project cost and the amount which is mentioned in agreement. The client must be agreed to pay that charges in order to get proper rights of their website / or to make their website live. In case, if client disagree to pay that charges, Mr.HiTech billing team reserves the right to cancelled that project and suspend all services, by sending a notice to the concerned client via email. In such cases, all payments made earlier to the Mr.HiTech firm can not be refunded back to the client.
• Mr.HiTech will charge a nominal fees to there customer/client(s) after 2 meetings. The charges may be between 500INR to 1500INR for local customers, and 2500INR to 10,000INR for outstation customers.
• In all project we'll set a dead line in which our developers completes that project. However, in some cases, from client-end some delayed occurs i.e., client doesn't able to provide contents in a timeframe, etc. In that cases, we hold that project for few days. If client fails to provide us the required content in a given time frame. So Mr.HiTech team reserved the right to cancelled that project. We'll sent a notice via email for the same to the concerned client.
• Any project which is delayed due to client-end, in that cases, we'll marked their project on hold for few days and assign new projects to our team. The pending project will be re-assign to our team only if our developers new assigned task has been completed. In that cases, the client agreed to put their project status on hold.
• Any project which is delayed due to client-end -> not entertain / not providing required data or information to Mr.Hitech team, in that case Mr.HiTech reserves the right to close that project without providing refund to the concerned client. If client want to restart the project from last cancelled work, the client will pay full amount / project cost mentioned in the invoice.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer on any web packages.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer who have payment overdue.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided, if customer cancelled the project after website gets live/online.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customers whose project will crossed the project deadline. This will be mostly happens by client-end, because they will failed to provide us the contents in a particular time frame. Or sometime they demands extra pages/updation/revision(s), in that cases too the project will crossed it project completion date.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided to customer if they cancelled any project which is under development. Whatever they had reasons, the client are solely responsible for all of their loses.
• Strictly, No Refund will be provided if customer get product/service(s) in discounted price.
• All Customer/Client(s) agreed to this terms before signing up to any of our product/services under Mr.HiTech Client Account. This terms can be found at the time of Registration with Mr.HiTech Client Account.
• Rest services terms found at TOS page.
• Subject to Indore jurisdiction only.
• The client agreed to all the Terms, Conditions and Policies of the firm Mr. Hi.Tech and Mr.HiTech Web Solutions before taking any product and service(s).


Last Updated on : Jul 29, 2017