Bus Booking System (Mr. BBS)

Mr. BBS is an online bus ticket booking and reservation software, that allows you to manage your bus inventory, fares, routes, schedules as well as your entire back office. It is a powerful software designed with the main intention of generating a dynamic and automated system for all bus booking and reservation operations. The Mr. BBS will promote your fleet management to new and existing customers through a range of options.

Mr. BBS Features

Product Highlights

  • High performance and flexibility
  • Easy Registration System
  • PayPal Payment method
  • Ticket Cancel System
  • Booking Management
  • Tariff Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Bus ticket Management
  • Seat Management
  • Booking Report
  • Add vendors
  • Email notifications
  • Promo code Management

Mr. BBS consists of mainly three modules. They are:



Admin has overall control of the system. The main functions of admin are given below.

  • Bus Management
  • Route Management
  • Board Point Management
  • Drop Point Details
  • Promo Code management
  • Gallery
  • Add Agent
  • Cancellation
  • View and edit Bookings
  • Seat Layout


The Agent Module also consists of same functions as admin module. 


  • Can register or login
  • Book bus.
  • View and select the seat
  • Use  promo code
  • Book the ticket by selecting route, date of journey and the return date
  • View available buses
  • Payment integrated

Possible Additional Enhancement for True Bus

  • Customization to integrate Sms gateway
  • Customization for Social Login
  • Customization for Wallet
  • Customization for Search option enabled for source city and destination city
  • Customization for local Payment gateway
  • Customization to add direct credit card payment
  • Customization for Language translation
  • Customization for Calendar integration in admin/agent
  • Customization to add different rate for the seats.
  • Customization for service fee and taxes
  • Customization for charge by boarding point
  • Customization to check refund status by entering the ticket number
  • Customization for event booking, bus charter and tours
  • Customization to integrate car pooling system into my bus application

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